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Disability Strategy

We submitted a response to the government's discussion document 'Fulfilling Potential' about what should be in their new Disability Strategy. We also held an engagement event with local disabled people to gather their views and the report from this can also be found on this page.

New Government Disability Strategy - Responses from Breakthrough UK and Local Disabled People

Our comments are not limited to a consideration of the three broad areas highlighted in the paper. Rather, we have looked at the issues holistically within the context of increased austerity measures and of securing full human rights for disabled people within an effective legislative framework. Enforcement of legislation that works is our critical message, not changing hearts and minds. It is impossible for individual disabled people to achieve choice and control, or realise their aspirations in a context of discriminatory barriers, dwindling rights and escalating negative attitudes towards disabled people.

The three areas that the government asked people to focus on in their discussion document were:

  • Realising aspirations – what is needed so that disabled people get the right support at different points in their lives to fulfil their potential and goals in education, work and independent living?
  • Increasing individual control – how to ensure that disabled people have personal control over the services they receive, for example within housing, travel or employment, and that this support is delivered in the way individuals want it?
  • Changing attitudes and behaviours – how to promote positive attitudes and behaviours towards disabled people so that disabled people are fully included in all areas of society, and that discrimination and harassment are dealt with properly whenever they happen?

The following responses are available to download:

Breakthrough UK response to Fulfilling Potential (PDF)

Report of Engagement Event with Local Disabled People (PDF)

Responses to our Survey on the Themes in Fulfilling Potential (PDF)

The emerging themes which the government have received are summarised at the link below on the Office for Disability Issues website: