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Policy Think Tank Reports

The Policy Think Tank is a Breakthrough UK initiative and has two major aims:- To influence government, or other strategic bodies, on matters to do with disability, from a ‘social model’ perspective. And to provide briefings on current matters to do with disability, for general dissemination.

Members of the Think Tank include some Breakthrough staff and directors, leading academics in the field, people working in disability issues in a social model way, and people who are significant in disability politics. All are disabled people.

21st Century Welfare Response (October 2010)

Breakthrough welcomes the 21st Century Welfare Command Paper and is pleased to be able to contribute to the debates. We have drawn up this response through consultation with staff and Policy Think Tank members. We would be happy to comment further and look forward to proposals that will support the independence and meaningful employment of disabled people.

Download our response to 21st Century Welfare here (Rich Text Format)

Right to Control Consultation Response
(September 2009)

Breakthrough has responded to the Office for Disability Issues consultation on their Right to Control proposals. Breakthrough Board members, staff members, and Policy Think Tank members have been involved in this response: we have posted it below, and cascaded it to other organisations so that they can make use of it in drawing up their own response, if they so wish.

Download our response to the Right to Control here (Rich Text Format).

Hate Crime & Disabled People Research
(March 2009)

This project, funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, examined how organisations have developed understanding and responses to disability hate crime. The researchers worked with local authorities, the Crown Prosecution Service and a wide range of voluntary agencies.

Key findings include:

  • A great lack of understanding about what constitutes disability hate crime
  • Confusion regarding whether disabled people are targeted because of hostility, perceived vulnerability or both
  • That disability hate crime can also be carried out by family members, carers or within an institutional setting
  • That organisations need to involve disabled people far more in policy development to help tackle disability hate crime.

Download Hate Crime and Disabled People Full Research Report (Adobe PDF)

Download Hate Crime and Disabled People Full Research Report (Rich Text Format)

Download Hate Crime and Disabled People Easy Words Executive Summary (Rich Text Format)

Response to Welfare Reform Consultation
(April 2006)

This is a response to the Green Paper "A new deal for welfare: Empowering people to work".

Whilst the Green Paper contains many recommendations which should be successful in addressing the systemic problems in the current benefits system – such as the general tendency of the medical profession to not steer people towards a realistic route back to work and the in-built inertia of the welfare system: it is our belief that the Green Paper signally fails to realise the opportunity to radically impact upon the dilemma that is the employment status of large numbers of disabled people.

The opportunity to create meaningful and lasting welfare reform is a rare one. We believe the most important principle to be that of involving disabled people, so that developments can draw on their standpoint. We are keen to engage with policy makers on these matters.

Read the full response to the Welfare Reform Green Paper here (Rich Text Document)

Response to Government Consultation.
(September 2005)

This response to the government's consultation on the proposed Office for Disability Issues, National Forum for Organisations of Disabled People and Individualised Budgets has been drawn together by the Policy Think Tank - a group comprising only disabled people who are practitioners, academics, activists and people who run organisations.

Read the Policy Think Tank's response and recommendations here (Rich Text Document)

Response to the Census Consultation.
(August 2005)

This response to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has been produced collaboratively by the Policy Think Tank, with input from many of its members. It calls for the ONS to make radical improvements in the census questions they ask to gather information on disabled people.

Read the full response to the ONS here (Rich Text Document)

Response to the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit.
(May 2005)

This is a response from the Policy Think Tank to the report of the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit (PMSU) on "Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People".

Read the response to the 'Life Chances' report here (Rich Text Document)

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