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Disabled People: A Right to Live?

In 2011, our Policy Think Tank commissioned disabled writers to fill the 'policy vacuum' of disabled people's voices in the debate about 'right to live' issues. We are now pleased to make following paper on human rights at the start of life available.

Written by Dr Alison Wilde, we hope that it will inform debates about the rights and choices of disabled people as parents and expectant mothers, from a social model perspective.

The paper specifically addresses the pressures that families / parents may face, during a pregnancy, to terminate a life due to either impairment of the un-born child (foetus) or the mother’s impairment. It details the author’s findings, highlights good practice and finally outlines recommendations for health professionals, policy makers, media practitioners and academics at Appendix 1.

'Great expectations: the significance of concepts of normality, care, and social support in cultural discourses of disabled motherhood' by Alison Wilde:

Download Great Expectations (Word)