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Remember we are still here and can be contacted by phone, text, email and through the website.

Manchester City Council is now operating a new Coronavirus Support Centre to coordinate food parcels, medicine, and fuel top-up payments for people with no support network, and those identified as high-risk by the NHS.

There is also a hotline 0800 234 6123 available Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. This number is only for those who most need it. 

If you have less urgent enquiries please still contact the Council online 

to keep the phone lines free for those with the most pressing concerns.

Image shows photos of people coughing and being unwell with symptoms of coronavirus.

Some guidance on how to keep your distance from people in the proper way

Sadly some criminals are using this as a way of committing fraud. Advice can be found here

Official Government Guidance Documents

Medication delivery across Greater Manchester 

"Your UK Pharmacy" is helping to deliver prescriptions by extending their opening hours. You can opt in by getting in touch directly or your GP can make arrangements for your prescription to go directly to them and then be delivered. You don't need to leave your home. 

Deliveries available from 6am until midnight

Phone – 0161 428 3056 or 07447 503 345

Email [email protected](or phone) with name, address and DOB

Different methods of payment available for those who pay by prescriptions

Drivers available to deliver medication across Greater Manchester

Find out more on their website here


Use the links below to find Easy Read information.

The link below is an Easy Read version of the letter being sent out to people who are most at risk from Coronavirus with important advice on staying safe.


Inclusion North have produced Coronavirus – Easy Read Information 

Purple All Stars have a hand washing rap video

Easy Read Online:



BSL Signed video on Coronavirus

Community Languages

Doctors of The World have shared COVID-19 guidance in 21 languages:

Carers UK have developed advice and guidance for family carers


World Health Organisation:

Royal College of Nursing on infection control


Your rights

Face to face health assessments for benefits have been suspended -

Changes to sick pay

Information on what do if you cannot get out to top up your gas or electricity.

Image shows people looking ill with coronavirus symptoms