Winning the right to vote was such a massive milestone for women 100 years ago.

However, there are still barriers in the way. For disabled women everywhere, the opportunities to get into politics are limited.

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Getting your voice heard either in political roles, or voting itself, means facing a host of barriers including transport, finance, access, caring, attitude, training and confidence.

Now thanks to a grant from the Government Equalities Office, Breakthrough UK is launching a project to support disabled women interested in taking part in political life.

The project will focus on Stockport, Salford and Trafford, as areas with low female representation in the Council.

Fundraising Officer Sam Johnson said: “Politics touches everything in everyday life, whether it’s the public transport you use, or the services you access that support you.

“Currently disabled women face a double glazed ceiling so do not have much of a chance to get their voices heard. With this project we’re aiming to get at least 30 women in total taking part with the hope it will lead to political participation.”

Breakthrough will run a series of workshops to develop understanding of disabled suffragettes, role models and activists and skills.

There will be the opportunity for women to shadow, and become interns with current women MPs and elected officials.

We will develop guidance for overcoming barriers to elected office, with organisations such as the Electoral Commission, Fawcett Society and the EHRC. We also want to gather information on the diversity of our representatives to achieve better balance in the future.

Sam added: “We’re calling on women to get involved! Share your experiences or get support to promote equality.”

“Please get in touch with us to write a blog or volunteer, and help spread the word.”

Contact Sam by phone: 0161 234 3950 or email: [email protected].

Text service: 0793 994 3383.

Keep a look out on Breakthrough’s social media channels: Twitter @BUK Community, Facebook and Instagram.