At Breakthrough, we like to collaborate with others who share our vision for a world which is fair and allows everyone to participate on an equal basis.

Your donation can be used in many different ways!

  • £5 covers a front line volunteer's travel expenses while they support someone
  • £10 covers an hour of one-to-one person centred employment support for a disabled person
  • £25 could pay for an hour's BSL interpreter to support a deaf person to take part in a training course
  • £50 could pay for the newsletter to be transcribed into Braille

Why support us?

  • There is a 33% gap between employment rates of disabled and non-disabled people
  • 15% of disabled people report believing they were discriminated against when turned down for a job, compared to 7% of non-disabled job seekers
  • Aspiration levels of disabled people aged 16 are similar to their non-disabled peers. By age 26 disabled people are less confident and four times more likely to be unemployed (DWP)

We believe disabled people should be given the same chances equally as everyone else - a meaningful job, accessible living for independence, and not confined to attending segregated activities.

Trusts and Foundations

As quite a small charity, we rely on trusts and foundations so we can deliver sustainable quality services to disabled people.

A donation of any size is much appreciated by us; you could provide unrestricted funding or help to fund a specific service that we provide to disabled people in Greater Manchester.

Email Sam at [email protected] if you'd like to find out more.