What are Breakthrough's Work Focused Activities?

These activities are fully accessible and inclusive for anyone coming up against barriers to employment.

They are for individuals or groups of up to 12 people.

  • Motivate to Succeed - 8 week programme of 2 hour workshops for people the furthest from work, and experiencing exclusion from the job market. It will support people to identify and value strengths, build confidence, communication, social skills and self motivation. There is an action plan to follow at the end of the course, as a guidance for the next stage to employment.
  • Skills for Success - 10 week programme of 2 hour workshops, to support people to turn employment aspirations into a reality. They will be able to identify and develop latent skills, make informed choices about job and career options and get ready for independent job searching., CV and application writing, interview skills and employer expectations and how to present themselves positively at a job interview. At the end participants will have a personal action plan with defined job goals, and actions to achieve these.
  • Turning Barriers into Opportunities - 8 week programme of 2 hour workshops for people with multiple and complex barriers to employment. It will support people to find out what these barriers are, and different ways to remove them, overcome or manage them, so they can move progress onto work focused activities.

Each of these programmes can be tailored to support different groups of people.

Breakthrough is running these activities via the Department for Work and Pensions' Dynamic Purchasing System, as a provider of work focused activities for Job Centre Plus.

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