Breakthrough UK: Disabled people breaking down barriers, changing attitudes and creating an inclusive society through our work with employers and other organisations across Greater Manchester, and nation-wide.

In 1997, we set up as a disabled people's led organisation, paving the way towards full employment rights and opportunities - because we were being denied employment and treated as second class citizens.

We are working towards a future where society does not see the impairment before the person. We aim to envision meaningful jobs with fair pay that all people have an equal chance at getting, regardless of impairment.

We work towards this though our co-produced services across Greater Manchester, supporting people to lead independent lives and to get into, stay in and progress in work. We do this to evidence that with the right approach it is entirely possible to remove all disabling barriers to employment.

We use this evidence to influence governments, policy and decision makers and other national agencies, showing how to break down the barriers disabled people still face in society.