Our plans

Here you can find out about our long term plans over the next three years. Read more

Disabled People and Employment

We want to explain some of the ideas that are at the core of the work we do every day. Read more

Principles of Independent Living

Disabled people have identified 12 Pillars of Independent Living, which we believe everyone needs to live independently. Read more

Our values

Breakthrough UK is a Manchester based disabled people’s organisation. We are led by disabled people and we support other disabled people to work and live independently. Read more

Our Mission

Breakthrough UK: Disabled people breaking down barriers, changing attitudes and creating an inclusive society through our work with employers and other organisations across Greater Manchester, and nation-wide. Read more

Our Impact

We are a user led organisation - run and controlled by disabled people. The work that we do has a strong and positive impact, on the lives of Breakthrough clients, and on the employers we work with every day. Read more