Read more about the two-day conference on our news page.

Here are a few of the findings from the events, from individual disabled women who all experienced barriers when trying to either become politically active, or simply take part in civic life. 

Lack of ‘connections’ who value disabled women’s contributions and enable them to get into the spaces where they can have a voice

Barriers to attending or contributing to political meetings. For example: the lack of budget for British Sign Language interpreters or other communication support

Meetings not fully accessible, held too far away or not near public transport stops

Organisers not understanding how to make meetings inclusive

Lack of confidence to assert themselves

Being isolated

Attitudes and assumptions

Expectation of getting involved in potentially inaccessible activities to gain experience in political groups and prove commitment

Photo shows group of people sat around a table

Following on from the conference, we produced a Route to Representation booklet.

The first half is for disabled women wanting to become more politically active, and the second is for organisations wanting to be more inclusive to disabled women.

You can download Route to Representation.